Can I Put a Roll Off Dumpster on a Hill or Incline?

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Can I Put a Roll Off Dumpster on a Hill or Incline?

Yes, you can usually place on roll off dumpster on a hill or incline. However, there are a few factors to consider - for example, if the surface you're placing the dumpster on is cracked or buckling, it may not be a good idea to place a container there. Also, if there is snow or ice on the incline's surface, then you will need to have the surface plowed and salted before we can schedule a delivery. The driver will make the final determination on whether a dumpster can be placed on an incline.

Dumpsters cannot be placed sideways on a hill or an incline due to the likelihood of them tipping on their sides especially when they are completely filled and become top heavy. Dumpsters should be placed on a flat surface if at all possible, usually on the top of the driveway or onto the grass with plywood placed underneath.

When a dumpster is unsafe to be placed on a hill or incline, the last option would be to place it on the street. We do not pull street permits for the Dane County area, therefore you will be required to contact your local DPW for any How do I get a street permit for dumpster rental or safety markers such as barricades or cones. We will need to have a copy of the permit before we can deliver the roll off dumpster to you.

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